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Aluminum Columns & Wraps

Whether it's new construction or a job remodeling,’s aluminum columns will provide the detail that distinguishes the extraordinary from the ordinary. With a complete range of sizes, aluminum columns can complement any structure. While round columns draw upon the enduring, classic design of Greek and Roman architecture, square columns are general of the Neoclassical style—fluted columns, plain columns and panel columns included. Inherently load bearing, these columns are ideal for either interior or exterior use in applications such as support columns, pillars, colonnades, porch posts, balconies, decks and gazebos. Don't let the load bearing nature of our aluminum columns fool you... they are just as well suited for architectural purposes. Order them split for use as decorative columns, column covers and pilasters. Aluminum columns come pre-finished in a baked-on enamel. While the standard color is white, other colors are available at a premium.



My 1934 home has 12 inch round wood colums of the Tuscan order. The bases are rotted and need to be replaced. I am looking for something that is structural that will not rot. Can you help?


  • Historical wood columns are generally manufactured to stack between the wooden capitals and bases which contribute to the overall height. Aluminum Tuscan capitals and bases are intended to wrap around an aluminum column shaft and do not contribute to the overall height. They are not an acceptable replacement.


Hello...can u help..I need to replace the base on my fluted 8" round aluminum column that is weather worn. there is no bldg. supply store in my area that carry the matching base, apparently, they are making new shape fluted columns now and the bases do not fit the older fluted shape column. My Q. is, do u still supply the old style fluted bases to fit the older shape columns. desperlatey need to replace the bases.


  • Aluminum capitals and bases are sold for use with their related column shafts. As actual sizes and patterns vary by manufacturer, we do not endorse them for retrofitting existing columns.

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