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PVC Wainscoting

Remodeling your bathroom, basement, patio or boat? PVC wainscoting is popular for its low-maintenance and durability. Moreover, PVC wainscoting is waterproof! Indulge yourself with wall-to-wall coverings of refreshing PVC (vinyl) panels—a low-maintenance solution that transforms dull rooms into beautiful living spaces. A contemporary rendition of a traditional design, PVC wainscoting is especially suited for high moisture areas where non water resistant wainscoting is problematic.

Plastibec PVC Beadboard
Plastibec PVC beadboard planks cover 16“ per 4-pack!
Plastibec Beadboard Assembly
Assembly is EASY with Plastibec PVC beadboard!
Plastibec PVC Cap & Base
Conceal the edges and make minor adjustments!
Plastibec Composite Beadboard
Composite PVC allows for greater durability yet remains workable!



I need 18 sq ft of bead board to cover my bathroom wall which kit is good for me ? I like my wainscoting to be 48in high


  • By the time you add the wainscoting cap and base, the 42" beadboard kit will have an overall height of 46-1/4". One kit will easily cover 18 sq. ft.


I am interested in installing the wainscoting Plastibec 60" PVC Vinyl beadboard kit OVER top of 70 year old glossed ceramic tile in a bathroom and shower stall. Would this be recommended and if so, how do you suggest I adhere it to the tile? Thank you. Best regards, Chris


  • Provided the ceramic tile is in good condition, it can be covered with our beadboard wainscoting kits. Use an adhesive formulated for use on both vinyl and ceramics such as ECO-BOND Heavy Duty (HD150) or LOCTITE® POWER GRAB® Heavy Duty... be sure to follow the adhesive manufacturer's recommendations. In the shower stall, seal all of the joints and seams to prevent water from getting behind the beadboard.


is there a local distributer in Houston, Texas? If not approximately how long is your delivery time?


  • While we do not have local distributors, we do ship beadboard nationwide. On average, orders are delivered within 6-8 business days.

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