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  • Tips for cleaning PVC Beadboard and Moulding

    PVC Makes a Low Maintenance Option for Millwork

    PVC (also referred to as Vinyl) outperforms traditional materials. It makes a great, low maintenance option for beadboard paneling, moulding and other trimwork. The extruded profile is smooth, not milled, and easy to keep clean. As with all trimwork, you are bound to get the occasional filth or stain. Here are a few ideas to keep your PVC beadboard and moulding looking new.

    • Dust: Maintain a fresh, clean look by briefly dusting your millwork from time to time.
    • Dirt & Grime: Lift dirt or grime from the surface of PVC trimwork using a mild soap and water. Add a little bleach to the mixture for extra cleaning power.
    • Soap Scum & Hard Water Deposits: Commercial cleaners such as Soft Scrub® Total All Purpose are formulated for what your millwork will pick up in a kitchen or bathroom. Continue reading
  • How To Receive And Inspect A Freight Shipment

    Businesses know the difference between a freight shipment and a parcel package shipment. For homeowners, the differences may not be so clear.

    This is not your average delivery! Don't expect a guy in shorts to ring your doorbell and leave a package at your doorstep. Freight shipments have a protocol to follow and require preparation.

    As most homeowners will never receive a freight shipment, the first one is a complete mystery. Here are some tips to make your residential delivery a success:


    1. Set An Appointment
      Upon receiving a tracking number, call the freight carrier to arrange a delivery appointment. Continue reading
  • Can You Install PVC Beadboard Over Bathroom Tile?

    PVC Beadboard makes a great alternative to outdated tile.

    Can you install PVC beadboard over existing tile? Can you install PVC beadboard in a bathroom's tub surround or shower? You bet! These are two common questions that we are frequently asked.

    PVC beadboard isn't just for basements, mud rooms and laundry rooms. It makes a contemporary alternative to traditional materials in wet areas too. Not only do you get the quaint, cottage look; you also get the advantage of using a waterproof material.

    PVC beadboard is an ideal wall covering for bathrooms. You may be fond of the pink or green ceramic look, but consider this. Continue reading

  • Faux Beam Fractures - How To Repair Faux Ceiling Beams

    We recently had a customer experience a stress fracture in a faux beam they received. While faux beams are carefully packaged for shipping, mishandling during transport may result in a hairline crack. This crack, referred to as a stress fracture, generally occurs along the length of the faux ceiling beam. There is good news and better news!

    First, the good news... this is an easy fix! The only materials needed are premium polyurethane construction adhesive (LIQUID NAILS® or LOCTITE® PL®) and furring strips (paint sticks work well). Simply follow the steps for repair below:

    Continue reading

  • Announcing The Architectural Millwork Blog

    Being a leading manufacturer, distributor and reseller of architectural millwork, the team at answers many questions on a daily basis regarding the millwork that we offer. Although the website is designed to provide an autonomous shopping experience for building materials, product specifications and Wiki pages may not answer the specific concerns that you have regarding your project. With that in mind, the team is excited to launch our new blog.

    The mission of this blog is to share our experience and provide insightful guidance. Our staff will be blogging about topics ranging from project design and planning to purchasing and installing millwork. FAQs address most questions, but the blog is intended to fill in the details.

    Have a topic that you would like to see discussed? Visit me on or e-mail… we hope to hear from you soon!

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