Cherry Wainscoting Paneling Kits

Cherry Wainscoting Paneling Kits

Cherry is a premier hardwood used in woodwork. Cherry wainscoting has a pinkish-brown color when freshly milled. Over time, and with exposure to light, it develops a more golden to rich, reddish-brown color. Cherry has a satiny, straight closed grained with distinctive markings.

When choosing the lumber for your wainscoting project, consider these key points about cherry wainscoting:

  • most prized, beautiful grain 
  • elegant color
  • ideal for clear finishes or light toners
  • finishes easily

Cherry wainscoting is commonly finished clear or with a subtle toner to give it an aged appearance. If using a medium colored finish, you can save some by using maple as a substitute. If using a dark colored finish, poplar may be acceptable. Contact with your project specifications today for a free quote on your wainscoting. Remember that we custom size to your specifications.

LuisLynzie™ Cherry wainscoting comes with the following components:

  • Wainscoting Cap (Bullnose & Ogee)
  • Horizontal Rails (Top/Bottom)
  • Vertical Stiles
  • Paneling

To order, simply forward over your project specifications. Please consult the Ordering Guide to your left or contact a Sales Associate for assistance.

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    A: Please use our ordering guide that is available for download from the literature section. Contact Support directly with any questions.

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