Faux Wood Ceiling Beams - Weathered Style

The Weathered Faux Ceiling Beam has a sandblasted texture. The Ceiling Beam has square or non-rustic edges with a faux wood grain that beautifully rises up from the ceiling beam. This faux wood beam has been featured on shows like HGTV's Don't Sweat It. Please note that while this faux beam is intended for interior use, it may be used in an exterior application provided a protective polyurethane topcoat containing UV (ultra violet) repellent is applied.

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    A: Weathered style faux beams can be butted against each other to allow for longer lengths though it will not be seamless. We suggest the use of our faux steel straps to hide the seam and provide an authentic look. Customers have had success creating their own straps or blending unfinished beams together using wood filler.

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