Faux Wood Ceiling Beams... An Authentic Look From Innovative Material!

Looking to add another element of warmth and authenticity to your room? AICMillworks.com's Faux Ceiling Beams can do just that. Faux beams (also called faux wood beams or fake wood beams) are manufactured from a lightweight, rigid, polyurethane. The word Faux is used to express that the wood beam is false or artificial in nature due to the innovative material and traditional box beam design. But don't let that fool you... you'll no doubt appreciate the quality and realness of the wood-grain texture displayed in our faux beam collection.

Each faux beam begins with a true handcrafted piece of timber. Faux beams are replicated from a master mould of the real wood beam; therefore, each faux beam retains and exhibits the rich, crisp detail of the natural wood. So, if you are looking for the authentic look and feel of real wood, but at a fraction of the weight for easy installation, polyurethane faux wood beams are ideal for you.

Ceiling beams are ideal for locations such as kitchens, family rooms and patios, and may be used for interior or exterior applications; exterior applications require the use of a UV inhibitor. Though only offered in standard sizes, faux beams may then cut-to-size for shorter lengths or joined together for extended lengths. Faux wood has a density similar to that of white pine and may be cut using conventional woodworking tools. Faux ceiling beams are not customizable for most projects; inquiries for customization of large volume orders are welcome.

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    A: Faux steel straps are the most popular method for hiding a joint between beams.

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