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PVC Beadboard Planks in White or Faux Wood Colors

PVC Beadboard is a low maintenance solution for areas where moisture is problematic. Use PVC beadboard to quickly renew and transform any room at a moderate cost.

Plastibec PVC Beadboard
Plastibec PVC beadboard planks cover 16“ per 4-pack!
Plastibec Beadboard Assembly
Assembly is EASY with Plastibec PVC beadboard!
Plastibec PVC Cap & Base
Conceal the edges and make minor adjustments!
Plastibec Composite Beadboard
Composite PVC allows for greater durability yet remains workable!
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    A: Correct, PVC beadboard is commonly used in shower enclosures and tub surrounds. Be sure to seal all joints and seams to prevent water from seeping behind the waterproof material.

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