42" Plastibec PVC Beadboard KIT, 1/4"T x 46-1/4"H x 96"L

42" Plastibec PVC Vinyl Beadboard KIT, ¼”T x 46-¼”H x 96”L. Beads are 2” on center.

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    A: Absolutely! PVC beadboard is commonly used to line the walls around a bathtub or shower. Just be sure to seal the tongue-and-groove joints as well as any other seams… as with any material, you don’t want water to seep behind it. The Eco-Bond 3-in-1 product is up to the task.
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    A: You may use 100% acrylic paint and follow the paint manufacturer recommendations; no special surface preparation is required. We highly recommended using a primer formulated for PVC or vinyl.

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