PVC Wainscoting Kits - Beadboard & Moulding Combo for Paneling Walls

PVC Wainscoting Kits - Beadboard & Moulding Combo for Paneling Walls

We've assembled wainscoting kits of the most popular sizes of our popular beadboard. Each kit contains 8 running feet worth of beaded planking in addition to a wainscoting cap and wainscoting base. Purchasing in kits is intended to facilitate your project planning.

Not sure which height to go with? Here are a couple of design rules-of-thumb to help you decide. If your ceiling height is 8 or 9 feet, choose the nominal 30-inch kit; it is ideal for covering one-third of the wall height and closely matches the sink height in a standard bathroom.

Wanting a boulder half-wall design? Then choose the nominal 42-inch kit. This kit is generally high enough to go beyond the sink and provide for a backsplash area while remaining below the electrical outlets.

Have a claw tub? Consider the nominal 60-inch height to cover two-thirds of the wall; this height is also ideal for tub surrounds.

Prefer not to purchase a kit? No problem, the components may be purchased separately as well… simply visit the PVC Beadboard Planks as well as the PVC Moulding & Trim pages.

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    A: Absolutely, simply prime and paint with vinyl safe products and follow the paint manufacturer's recommendations. Vinyl safe products can be identified by looking for vinyl or PVC under the list of approved surfaces.

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