PVC Wainscoting for Wet Areas

Remodeling a high humidity area? Whether this is for a residential or commercial setting, PVC Wainscoting is popular for its low-maintenance and superb durability. Moreover, you are probably here because it’s waterproof!

We’re glad that you’ve discovered this contemporary rendition of a well-loved traditional design. Indulge yourself with wall-to-wall coverings of refreshing PVC (vinyl) planks—a low-maintenance solution that transforms dull areas into beautiful spaces.

PVC wainscoting is especially suited for high moisture areas where traditional wainscoting materials are problematic. Order samples today to plan your next remodeling project… it’s perfect for interiors such as your bathroom, shower, powder room, laundry room, basement, patio, garage, boat and so much more!

Plastibec PVC Beadboard
Plastibec PVC beadboard planks cover 16“ per 4-pack!
Plastibec Beadboard Assembly
Assembly is EASY with Plastibec PVC beadboard!
Plastibec PVC Cap & Base
Conceal the edges and make minor adjustments!
Plastibec Composite Beadboard
Composite PVC allows for greater durability yet remains workable!
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    A: Following the paint manufacturer recommendations, Plastibec millwork is readily paintable with 100% acrylic paint; no surface preparation is required. To ensure a long lasting finish, we recommend a premium primer and top coat formulated for PVC.

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