PVC Moulding - Give Your Wainscoting the Perfect Trim Finish!

AICMillworks.com has recently made their PVC Beadboard Wainscoting trim options available for purchase separately. Aside from the standard PVC mouldings—wainscoting cap, wainscoting base and corner moulding—additional moulding are now available to expand your design options.

Plastibec offers a complete selection of PVC mouldings to include Crown Moulding, Casing, Chair Rail, Baseboard and shoe moulding. The Plastibec PVC Chair Rail and PVC Baseboard even match the Plastibec Wainscoting trim package of PVC Wainscoting Cap and PVC Wainscoting Base moulding.

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    A: As each brand of beadboard comes from a different manufacturer, the shades of white will be different. The lighting in the room may mitigate or exacerbate the disparity. We generally do not recommend mixing the different brands unless you intend to paint the beadboard and moulding.

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