Wainscoting Kits, Wall Paneling & Beadboard

Congratulations… you’ve discovered our collection of Wainscoting—ever so popular for its beauty, strength and durability.

Wainscoting is the wall paneling used to line or wainscot (pronounced wān′·skət or wān′·skŏt) the lower third of an interior wall, just below the chair rail and above the baseboard or skirting. Though wildly popular today, the Wainscot interior design element has sustained its place throughout history—dating as far back as the 1500’s!

At one time wainscoting served the functional purpose of making rooms more comfortable by paneling the walls with wood to insulate a home. Not so much these days… the popularity of wainscot has since evolved into a feature that provides aesthetic warmth and integrity.

Whether the goal is to create a rustic, cozy feel or a stunning look of sophistication, the plethora of options that wainscoting offers is vast, adding just the right touch to whichever area you intend to embellish.

Class, style and quaint comfort are what your newly wainscoted rooms will offer. Be it a raised panel, recessed panel, planks or beadboard, wainscot paneling effortlessly adds elegance and character to any area. AICMillworks.com proudly offers such timeless inspirations.

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    A: Construction adhesive can mitigate irregularities in a wall provided that they are minor. If there are major irregularities, consider using recessed paneling instead; the panels will do a better job at hiding those irregularities.

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