Wood Wainscoting Paneling Kits

Wood wainscoting panels are popular for their beauty, strength and durability. For unmistakable integrity, installing wood wainscot panels is a sure-fire way to heighten interest and increase marketability. Traditional wooden wainscoting is used to panel the lower third of an interior wall below the chair rail (approximately 36 to 42 inches high). It is also common to install wainscoting with two tiers of wood panels at approximately 52 - 60 inches in height, or approximately the lower two-thirds of your wall. Full wall wainscoting may be comprised of 3 to 4 tiers of wood paneling. No matter the design, the look of an area beautifully decorated with wood wainscoting is impressive.

Wood wainscoting panels provide aesthetic warmth and integrity. AICMillworks.com is happy to present this timeless solution for inspiring elegance and charm in your home office, study, theater room, conference room, stairway or other venue. Architectural wainscoting transforms any interior into a rich, intimate and cozy setting.

So how does the wood wainscoting panel system work? Simple... we have standard components in the wainscoting kits and custom size the wainscoting panels to achieve a full panel layout across each wall according to the specifications of your remodel, new construction or historical renovation. Here are some benefits:

  • customized millwork at an affordable price
  • shop drawings for design approval
  • reduces installation time and labor
  • avoid the mess of on-site construction
  • DIYer friendly... similar to installing moulding

Whether you wish to wainscot the walls with a single tier of wood panels, two tiers of wood panels or a multi-tier paneled design, our wood wainscoting fits the bill. This out-of-the-box approach to wainscoting can accommodate windows, doors, doorways, baseboard heaters, electrical outlets and more. Please refer to our purchasing guide for instructions on how to measure for wainscoting.

Our hardwood wainscoting is available in red oak, African mahogany, cherry, soft maple and poplar paneling. However, we accept custom requests for other lumber species on orders over 150-200 sq. ft.

Need a customized layout? LuisLynzie™ wood wainscoting is custom-sized to your specifications. The process is easy... simply use our ordering guide and forward your project specifications to [email protected]. Custom profiles, flexible wainscoting, stairwells, staircases and intricate designs are not included in the standard pricing.

Plastibec Fill Stick, Café or Espresso
Plastibec Fill Stick, Redwood
Plastibec Fill Stick, Yellow Pine or Golden Oak

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