Coffered Ceilings

Looking for the most impressive of ceiling designs? Coffered ceilings are an excellent choice for any style—victorian, traditional, contemporary or modern decor. From Renaissance to Modern Architecture, Coffered ceilings have been around since Roman times. The linear designs of coffered ceiling allow for many different options by way of lighting, aesthetic stability and artistic applications.

AIC Millworks offers coffered ceilings in a variety of stainable and paintable woods. Whether you aim to achieve the contemporary look of a modern museum ceiling, or the surroundings of sophistication, like one might find in an old-style study or library, wooden coffered ceilings are moderately easy to install, paint, stain and maintain; they are built to last. Their box design makes them relatively lightweight and require minimal effort for installation. Start with a basic array of wood beams or enrich the design with a regal addition of wood paneling. When it comes to enhancing your fifth wall, offers a variety of options to coffer and embellish your ceiling.

The basic unit of a coffered ceiling is the coffer which resembles a recessed or “sunken” panel. Ceiling beams comprise the framework of each coffer, and are therefore the basic element in the design. Series of coffers form a grid to create the coffering effect along the ceiling, vault or soffit. One can embellish the ceiling coffers with paneling, planks or more ornate millwork such as medallions, onlays and corbels. Our wood coffered ceilings are customized to your specifications and pricing depends on the material, size and complexity of the design. Requests for quotations are accepted and generally returned within 72 hours.

Do you prefer a basic coffer ceiling kit that can be customized on site with little fuss. They will be here soon!

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