MDF Raised Panel Wainscoting Kits

MDF Raised Panel Wainscoting is the wall covering used to wainscot (pronounced wān′·skət or wān′·skŏt) the lower third of an interior wall, just below the chair rail and above the baseboard or skirting. Known for its eco-friendly quality, MDF (Medium-density fiberboard) Wainscot is ideal for moisture-minimal rooms. Perfect for your living room, family room and above ground stairwells or hallways, MDF Wainscoting is available in both paneling and planks... the perfect style awaits you.

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    A: Because of the variation in staircase slopes, MDF paneling is not available with edges pre-milled at an angle. However, a matching router bit is available. This allows the staircase panels to be cut and profiled on site.

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