Square Fiberglass Columns Tapered in Craftsman Style!

Are you a fan of the Arts and Crafts style of home? Your in luck! We offer DuraCraft fiberglass columns in the Craftsman style. These quaintly designed fiberglass columns are square, smooth and tapered. Most noteworthy, Craftsman style columns are short and stout. Hence, pedestals of quarried stone, river rock or brick compliment their design.

Who uses Craftsman columns? This Arts and Crafts style of column is commonly seen in modest designs such as period bungalows. Porches with massive piers and low-profile roofs are ideal. So look for double column configurations in entryways. You're almost sure to see single column designs in wrap-around front porches.

Don't let the load bearing nature of DuraCraft columns fool you, because these popular fiberglass columns are sure to complement interior design as well. Either use them alone or to wrap an unsightly lally column! We sell them whole and split into two.

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