Square Fiberglass Columns with Straight Smooth Shafts!

Shopping for a timeless design? Consider these plain square DuraCraft columns for your home. Square Fiberglass Columns are simply smooth and symmetrical posts. The column shaft is straight from top to bottom. Ninety degree corners box all four faces. Builders use them with Tuscan capitals and bases for a Colonial design or without for a modern look!

Not only is fiberglass economical, but it is low-maintenance as well! I'd say that's ideal for your front porch or portico. If you don't need a load bearing post that's no problem. Spun cast fiberglass columns are inherently load bearing, but you can use them as decorative pillars too.

Planning to wrap a lally column? Great, because split columns are designed for it! However, you don't have to reassemble split columns around a support structure. You can use a split column as half columns or pilasters too. Designers commonly apply pilasters against the walls of great rooms and entryways.

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    A: Thank you for reaching out for assistance on the load bearing columns. Unfortunately, none of our 6" wide columns are rated for an axial load that high.

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