Square Fiberglass Columns with Chamfered Edges!

Like the Mission style of the Arts and Crafts period? Then you landed in the right place! Meet our DuraCraft brand of Chamfered columns. Chamfered fiberglass columns are square in shape and straight from top to bottom. Since the column design emphasizes simple vertical lines, all four faces are smooth. So what makes this style of fiberglass column unique? Simple, its the transitional bevel that eases the 90 degree corners.

Talk about detail, the chamfer isn't just machined from end to end. Of course not! It has a hand-crafted lark's tongue. So what is a lark's tongue? It is the gradual transition that takes the bevel to a ninety degree corner below the capital and base moulding.

So if you are wrapping a lally column or supporting a porch roof, this fiberglass column is for you. Don't let the load bearing fool you. We sell whole columns and split for column covers and pilasters.

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