Round Fiberglass Columns with Smooth Tapered Shafts!

Are you looking for a Tuscan style column? You've found it! Our DuraCraft fiberglass columns are round, smooth and tapered in design. Moreover, you'll find that smooth, round columns are the most popular choice for exterior use and interior design.

Round tapered columns can be found anywhere because of their simplicity. Most notably, you will find round columns in Plantation homes and Antebellum mansions. Are you looking for a Roman column that is more decorative? Rather than the Tuscan capital, you should consider using a Composite capital. We offer multiple capital and base options. You're sure to find one that defines your style best!

Don't let the load bearing quality of fiberglass columns fool you. These round columns are just as well suited for decorative purposes too! Order a split column to cover a lally column. Or, you can use each column half against the wall as a pilaster!

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    A: While those diameters are currently unavailable in fiberglass, they are available in aluminum. A rep will contact you directly for further assistance.

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