Buy Samples of Popular Products!

Buy Samples of Popular Products!

Considering Product Samples?

AIC Millworks encourages ordering samples, specifically if you are unfamiliar with a product or unsure how it will look in your home or venue.  Moreover, holding a tangible piece of the product allows you to get a better feel for the finish and texture.

Did you know...

 — We have samples available for most products; in some cases they are cross-sections of the actual product, while others are material or profile samples.  Please refer to the product description for details.

Samples are generally shipped via USPS Priority the following business day, arriving in 3 business days.

— Unfinished samples allow you to experiment with different topcoats or stains to discover the end result, while finished samples allow you to appreciated the manufacturer's factory finish.  Be sure to specify if you have a preference.

— When placing your sample order, either a PO Box or physical address is acceptable.

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    A: To ensure a long lasting finish, we recommend a premium primer and top coat formulated for the material being painted. Please consult with the paint manufacturer regarding the warranty of fitness for your particular purpose.

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