Round Fiberglass Columns with Straight, Smooth Shafts!

Round fiberglass columns are simply smooth with a straight, non-tapered column shaft. That's it! There's not fuss. Consequently, this DuraCraft column is the most versatile design of the round columns.

Use round columns without capitals and bases for design calling for a modern column. Add a Tuscan capital and base set for a more formal design. Need something embellished? There are multiple capitals of a classical Roman and Greek design to choose from.

Here's an idea. Order split columns to wrap a lally support column. Just the same, it can hide conduit too! Alternatively, you'll notice that split columns yields two column halves. Hence, they're perfect for a pair of pilasters on either side of the doorway! While whole fiberglass columns are load bearing, you can use them other ways too. For instance, fiberglass columns can even be used alone as a decorative pillar!

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    A: Non-tapered Fiberglass columns may be cut from the bottom to accommodate shorter heights. This will not affect the capital or the base as they wrap the column shaft. Please see the product specifications or e-mail Support with your project specifications for confirmation. Thank you!

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