Plastibec PVC Wainscoting Installation Instructions & Worksheet

“Dress up your room with Plastibec Ready-to-Install Faux Wood Wainscot” * NO PAINTING REQUIRED! It is made from high strength vinyl materials. This product works like wood: cuts, glues or nails. However it will not splinter and has no knots. This product has a lifetime warranty on rot and is intended for interior applications.

Plastibec Beadboard Assembly
Assembly is EASY with Plastibec PVC beadboard!
Plastibec PVC Cap & Base
Conceal the edges and make minor adjustments!
Plastibec Composite Beadboard
Composite PVC allows for greater durability yet remains workable!


Tools: Mitre Saw or Hand Saw, Hammer, Level, Square, Caulking Gun, Tape Measure, and Pencil. Additional Material required: Panel Adhesive (Eco-Bond Heavy Duty, PL Premium or no More Nails Tub Surround) and 1 ½" finishing nails.

Installation Tips:

  • Use a quality panel adhesive and follow manufacture’s instructions. 
  • When tapping panels into each other use a wood block or end cut of one of the panels. Do NOT use the hammer directly on the panel or butt panels too tightly. 
  • Allow for normal expansion and contraction (1/32"). 
  • For better holding strength angle all nails and drive nails leaving 1/8” above surface and finish using a nail set. 
  • When possible, nail into a groove in the moulding
  • For a cleaner cut, saw into the finished surface. 
  • When approaching an outlet or switch, turn off the power. Take careful measurements of the location and cut out the opening.

Installation Process:

Waiscoting Base Trim:

Remove current Baseboard for area of install. Measure your wall, if your wall is longer than 8’, pre-mitre the joining end with the next piece of base board you will be using. Make sure waiscoting base trim pieces align on the wall. Apply adhesive in a zigzag pattern on back of waiscoting base trim and affix to wall and nail (if possible into wall stud) every 2’ to secure waiscoting base trim.

Beadboard Planks/Paneling:

Next, determine the overall height of the Wainscoting. Use a level to insure the line on the wall is level with this mark for the length of the area of the install. Begin at the left most corner of your installation (opposite if you are left-handed). Each panel is tongue and groove for a uniform fit and easy installation. Keep the tongue edge towards the starting corner. When necessary, scribe and remove material from the panel from the tongue side (inside corner). Place the first piece into the waiscoting base trim groove and against the starting corner. Verify that the top of the panel is aligned with the mark on the wall. Apply adhesive on back side of panel in a zigzag pattern and place into groove of waiscoting base trim and position into the corner. Carefully fit next panels, do not force fit pieces together nailing at the top and middle every 16" to ensure better adhesion. The last panel may also need to be trimmed to fit. Make sure that all panels are correctly installed.

Waiscoting Cap:

Measure your wall, if your wall is longer than 8’ pre-mitre the joining end with the next piece of waiscoting cap you will be using. Make sure waiscoting cap pieces align on the top of the panel. Apply adhesive in a zigzag pattern on back of the waiscoting cap. Make certain the waiscoting cap has the pre-grooved end down before gluing or nailing. Affix to wall and nail every 2’ to secure waiscoting cap.

Cove/Shoe Moulding:

Measure the height in the corner from the top of the waiscoting base trim to the bottom of the waiscoting cap. Cut Cove length: Make sure Cove pieces fit in corner. Apply adhesive on back of the Cove. Affix to wall and nail every 2’ to secure Cove.


Insure all nails are slightly below product surface. Using the touch up Fill Stick, fill over nail head and wipe excess away using a dry cloth. Your install is complete.


Cleaning your Plastibec Millwork with a damp cloth makes it look like new.

A PDF version of this document may be downloaded here.

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