Fluted Fiberglass Columns with Tapered Round Shafts!

Searching for Round Fluted Columns? All right! DuraCraft fiberglass columns are available fluted! Purchase with confidence. Your Classical column is relatively inexpensive and low-maintenance.

So what is a Fluted Column? Its a column or pilaster that has vertical grooves running up the shaft. Fluted columns are from the classical orders of Greek architecture. Hence, you'll find that fluted columns are more elegant and impart rhythm. As you shop for Ionic and Corinthian capitals you'll appreciate that the Greek style is more ornate. While we do not have a Doric capital, we do offer Tuscan capitals and bases as an alternative. The Tuscan style is slightly more subtle in style than the Doric style.

Whole fiberglass columns may be are load bearing, but you can use them for decorative uses too. Need to wrap a lally column? You can order them split for column covers. Perhaps you want to apply half-columns to a wall? No problem. You can use split columns as pilasters too!

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    A: Fluted Fiberglass columns may be trimmed up to 3” without the base encroaching upon the flutes. Nominal measurements are used for widths and diameters to simplify the shopping experience; please see the column specifications for the exact measurements. The advantages of fiberglass vs. aluminum depends on the application. We’ll reach out to you directly to better assist you.

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