Fiberglass Columns & Wraps

Whether it's new construction or a job remodeling,’s composite fiberglass columns will provide the detail that distinguishes the extraordinary from the ordinary. With a complete range of sizes, fiberglass columns can complement any structure. While round columns draw upon the enduring, classic design of Greek and Roman architecture, square columns are general of the Neoclassical to Arts and Crafts style—fluted columns, plain columns, panel columns, chamfered columns and tapered columns included. Inherently load bearing, these columns are ideal for either interior or exterior use in applications such as support columns, pillars, colonnades, porch posts, balconies, decks and gazebos. Don't let the load bearing nature of our fiberglass columns fool you... they are just as well suited for architectural purposes. Order them split for use as decorative columns, column covers and pilasters.

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    A: Capitals and bases are paired to the corresponding fiberglass column shafts. Simply select the column shaft first, then browse from the tabs below the column's image of the product page. Should you need further assistance or like confirmation, please e-mail Support with the column specifications. Thank you!

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