PVC Wainscoting Kits - Beadboard & Moulding Combo for Paneling Walls

PVC Wainscoting Kits - Beadboard & Moulding Combo for Paneling Walls

We've assembled wainscoting kits of the most popular sizes of our popular beadboard. Each kit contains 8 running feet worth of beaded planking in addition to a wainscoting cap and wainscoting base. Purchasing in kits is intended to facilitate your project planning.

Not sure which height to go with? Here are a couple of design rules-of-thumb to help you decide. If your ceiling height is 8 or 9 feet, choose the nominal 30-inch kit; it is ideal for covering one-third of the wall height and closely matches the sink height in a standard bathroom.

Wanting a boulder half-wall design? Then choose the nominal 42-inch kit. This kit is generally high enough to go beyond the sink and provide for a backsplash area while remaining below the electrical outlets.

Have a claw tub? Consider the nominal 60-inch height to cover two-thirds of the wall; this height is also ideal for tub surrounds.

Prefer not to purchase a kit? No problem, the components may be purchased separately as well… simply visit the PVC Beadboard Planks as well as the PVC Moulding & Trim pages.

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    A: Plastibec beadboard has a modified tongue-and-groove that allows for easy nailing and concealment; the paneling may be installed with or without construction adhesive.

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